Bring creativity to your space
Concrete isn't just durable - it can look good too. We offer unique concrete pouring services that create vibrant colors to transform any building or remodeling project. Beyond the surface beauty of our concrete, it has various other benefits, such as being:
Fade-resistant concrete
Stained concrete
Dyed concrete
Our concrete foundations contractors add integral coloring to the batch during the mixing process. These blended oxide pigments ensure that the coloring you select is fade-resistant over time. This process also adds layers of coloring, which results in a natural stone finish that's easy on the eye.
We use a staining process to transform regular, drab concrete into a surface that mimics the natural look of stone or wood. We can incorporate this in both new and old batches of concrete, plus add a layer of UV protection which further protects the finished product.
If you're looking for bold and rich coloring, dyed concrete is the answer. The process involves dying the top layer of concrete to lend a brighter hue to the underlying color. This option is perfect for indoor projects; however, it may suffer some fading outdoors.

Why choose colored concrete?

Color concrete
We specialize in pouring colored concrete, which guarantees the work is always of the highest quality and looks great as well. However, this isn't just for show; there are many other advantages. Colored concrete:

Types of color concrete

Color concrete is highly versatile. Depending on your project, you may want a specific fade and texture or color and gloss. Our experts will help find the best concrete options for your needs.
Low maintenance
Requires little maintenance
Can be easily texturized
Offers unique aesthetics at a low cost
Is strong and durable
Hides potential stains